Topics in Liberal Christian Thought – The Beatitudes

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The author of Matthew shows Jesus as the new Moses and the fulfillment of the Law. The Sermon on the Mount presents Jesus giving the new “law” in the form of the blessings we traditionally know as The Beatitudes. While positively framed as blessings, these teachings are arguably far more challenging to live.  After all who wants to be poor in spirit? What does that mean anyway? Meekness? Really? Isn’t that like being a human door mat? This gathering will be an opportunity to find out more of what these blessings really mean and what this seminal spiritual teaching calls us to be both internally and in the real world.  It is a serious challenge. It is counter-cultural.  It is the heart of Christianity.  It is actually very UU.  All are welcome to join us for this presentation/discussion on The Beatitudes: A Serious Challenge for Today in Topics in Liberal Christian Thought. The next meeting will be May 16 at 10:30 am at UUCW  

If you will be attending, please contact Jim Maletta to RSVP so enough materials are available for everyone.

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