Topics in Liberal Theology

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Humanism is a philosophy of life that enjoys great popularity among UU congregations worldwide. It has an interesting beginning in Renaissance Italy and has weathered The Reformation, The Enlightenment, and the modern age with significant changes along the way.

It is a philosophy that was born out of western Christianity and has developed in dialog with Christian thought as well as in opposition to it. Every humanist seems to have a slightly different understanding of this philosophy and it has been appropriated by a multitude of religious and social movements over the centuries. It has had a substantial impact on liberal Christian thought through the centuries

All UUCW members are welcome to join us for this first presentation in Topics in Liberal Christian Thought in which we will look at the beginnings of humanism as a movement, its changes over the centuries, and the dominant current expressions of humanism today. While Humanism today is dominantly non-theist in its outlook, we will look briefly at some ways in which non-theistic humanism can be harmonized with liberal Christian understandings of Divinity.

The meeting will be Thursday, April 13th at 10:45 AM in UL5. All are welcome.

If you will be attending, please RSVP to Jim Maletta by email or phone call so enough materials are available for everyone.

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