Water Communion Ceremony

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The Annual Water Communion Ceremony is scheduled for the Ingathering Service on September 8. It may seem like a long time away, but it’s never too early to start thinking about what water you’ll be bringing. You’re invited to bring water that symbolizes some aspect of your summer’s experiences: a trip to the beach, a downtown “bubbler,” the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon, or the kiddie pool in your back yard.

During this worship service, we each pour a bit of our water into a common bowl. As our individual waters touch and blend and mingle, we’re reminded that our individual lives meet and merge into one beautiful whole in our faith community! The Water Communion also reminds us that like the water that flows across our good planet earth, a precious stream of life flows through each of us and connects us to all living things.

Share your water experience online! Post a picture of you and your water on the UUCW Facebook page  or send your picture to Publication Coordinator Kelly Bognar.

Click here to see the pictures that are already submitted.

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