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WISDOM Hosts Madison Action Day

April 15th, 2021

WISDOM holds a Madison Action Day once every two years. Madison Action Day 2021 will be on Thursday, April 15.

If this was any other year, we would be preparing for 800-1000 of us to show up in person in Madison. We’d have a big, inspirational event; we’d learn more about the issues; we’d have lunch and we’d have a big procession over to the Capitol. Then, we would go to visit all of our legislators to tell them about our concerns, especially as they relate to the state budget for the next two years.

This year, plans for Madison Action Day have had to adapt, just like everything else. We will still have a big, inspirational program in the morning. We’ll highlight the amazing work going on around the state, we’ll talk about the values that motivate us, and we will learn a little more about the issues. The difference is that we will do it by Zoom.

We will still visit with our State Senators and State Assembly Representatives later in the day. But, again, those visits will be done on the computer – each of our local organizations is making appointments with the legislators that represent their area.

We will have a Booklet printed again this year, filled with information about WISDOM and its affiliates, and filled with information about the issues we care about. That will be delivered to every member of the legislature before our Zoom meetings with them. And, we are working to deliver it to every person who registers to participate in Madison Action Day. We’ll get you a real booklet, made of paper!

About the only thing we won’t do, unfortunately, is lunch. On the positive side, there will be no cost to participate.

Madison Action Day 2021 will be unique – and it will be exciting. But, it will be a little more complicated for the organizers and the leaders. That is why we want everyone who wants to participate to REGISTER, and to register early. It will really help a lot. Details will keep emerging. Register now and get all the updates.
Here is the link: Madison Action Day Registration Link

For more information, contact Ann Heidkamp.

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