Events for Thursday, September 5th - Sunday, June 9th

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Auction Item – Pottery Class

UUCW-LL-Community Room (CR) (60), UUCW-LL-Orange Room (LL13) (15), UUCW-LL-Lower Gathering Area (LL15) (40)

“The Joy of Being Human”

UUCW 13001 W North Ave, Brookfield, WI, United States

Humanism, in its many varieties, has a long history within Unitarian Universalism. It stresses the goodness of human beings and emphasizes our human ability to understand and solve problems. There's joy to be found in that outlook, and today, let's [...]

Religious Education

UUCW-LL-Orange Room (LL13) (15), UUCW-LL-Purple Room (LL14) (15), UUCW-LL-Rainbow Room (LL11) (15), UUCW-LL-Lower Gathering Area (LL15) (40)

It’s the Everything Kitchen! Donation Rotation

UUCW-LL-Community Room (CR) (60)

Come to Earth Ministry’s Donation Rotation on Sunday, March 5. Browse the gathered items - It's Everything Kitchen! Small appliances, cookware, dishes (NOT CHINA, please!) serving pieces, bakeware, cutlery, glasses/mugs. Before the service, bring your items to the Community Room. After [...]


UUCW-ML-Sanctuary (ML13) (160), UUCW-UL-Red Room (UL5) (15)

Wednesday Night Book Group

UUCW ZOOM 1, UUCW-ML-Sanctuary (ML13) (160)

Wednesday, March 8th The Wednesday Night Book Group will be discussing “Enslaved, Indentured, Free” by Mary Elise Antoine on March 8th at 7 pm. The Northwest Ordinance of 1787 made slavery illegal in the territory that would later become Illinois, [...]

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