Events for Thursday, September 5th - Sunday, June 9th

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Auction Item – Pottery Class

UUCW-LL-Community Room (CR) (60), UUCW-LL-Orange Room (LL13) (15), UUCW-LL-Lower Gathering Area (LL15) (40)

Twisted Stitchers

UUCW-UL-UL3 (20)

Come together for a fun gathering focused on handiwork like knitting, crocheting, needlework, sewing, or just enjoying a cup of coffee with friendly conversation. All are welcome to join in! Remember - everyone likes show-and-tell, so feel free to bring [...]

“Imagine What Our Joy Can Do!”

UUCW 13001 W North Ave, Brookfield, WI, United States

All month we've been talking about what UUCW can be and do together. As we wrap up our Pledge Drive month, let's get real about how our joy can change the world, even as it co-exists with our pain, brokenness [...]

Religious Education

UUCW-LL-Orange Room (LL13) (15), UUCW-LL-Purple Room (LL14) (15), UUCW-LL-Rainbow Room (LL11) (15), UUCW-LL-Lower Gathering Area (LL15) (40)

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