Events for Thursday, May 23rd - Sunday, May 19th

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UUCW-UL-UL3 (20)

Carolyn Lawrence will bring her AccuQuilt fabric die cutter to this meeting for people to use. All ages and levels of sewers and quilters are welcome. Activities include demos by group members, outings to quilting-related events, and sharing ideas and projects. [...]

“Move over! Share the Space!”

UUCW 13001 W North Ave, Brookfield, WI, United States

Generous acts of kindness do (or can) happen every day. We can increase their occurrence by adopting a spirit of largess...a spirit of abundance...a nuanced and deeper understanding of what it means to live within an interconnected web of all [...]

New Member Sunday

Come and extend a warm welcome to UUCW’s newest members on November 12th. If you have taken the UU Orientation but never officially joined, we encourage you to take part. This is your chance to become a member of our [...]

Religious Education

UUCW-LL-Rainbow Room (LL11) (15), UUCW-LL-Purple Room (LL14) (15), UUCW-LL-Orange Room (LL13) (15), UUCW-LL-Lower Gathering Area (LL15) (40)

Our children and youth begin with their families in the Sanctuary for Worship at 10am, then leave for classes with similarly-aged peers after a Story for All Ages. Click HERE to learn more about our Religious Education program and to register.

YRUU (9th-12th Grade)

UUCW-UL-Red Room (UL5) (15)

The High School youth group meets for fun, fellowship, and planning of UU Youth events, service opportunities, and personal/educational goals. Contact Youth Advisor Amy White to learn more and get involved.


UUCW-UL-Blue Room (UL4) (15)

After attending Sunday’s worship service, you might have some thoughts and feelings that you want to share. That's why we offer a small-group discussion, where you can join others to reflect on the service together. Just grab a coffee or [...]

Earth Ministry


Works to affirm and promote the “respect for theinterdependent web of all existence of which we are a part” (the UU seventhprinciple). Contact Karen Zimmermanfor more information.


UUCW-ML-Sanctuary (ML13) (160)

Writing Circle

UUCW-UL-Blue Room (UL4) (15)

This is a covenanted group and is open for people to join in September but then is a closed group once it begins.


UUCW-ML-Sanctuary (ML13) (160), UUCW-UL-Red Room (UL5) (15)

Topics In Liberal Christian Thought

UUCW-UL-Red Room (UL5) (15)

Jesus of Nazareth is one of the most significant figures in human history, but what do we really know about this historical person?  We will look at some of the fundamental criteria professional historians use to help determine what is [...]

Library Committee

UUCW-UL-UL3 (20)

The Library Committee maintains the Library located in room UL3. Contact Carolyn Lawrence for more information.

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