Events for Sunday, May 26th - Thursday, May 9th

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Topics in Liberal Christian Thought

UUCW-UL-Red Room (UL5) (15)

So, you decided to grow a vineyard on the side of a volcano. It erupts and kills you. Is this evil? Is it the doing of some Divine power or evil genie, or is it just a regrettable consequence of [...]

Vespers Service 

UUCW-ML-Sanctuary (ML13) (160)

Wintertime Lullabies: A Vespers Service In the dark of winter, in search of comfort and peace, we gather to be rocked in the cradle of hope. Come into the presence of warmth and community, bask in peaceful music and hear [...]

Twisted Stitchers

UUCW-UL-UL3 (20)

Open to anyone who likes to sit and knit, crochet, needlework, sew, or anything else involving hand movements. The group meets twice a month to share projects and lively conversations and laughter. Contact Jeanne Baker to learn more.

“Curiosity and Zen”

UUCW 13001 W North Ave, Brookfield, WI, United States

Beginners mind (Zen principle), and a free and responsible search for truth and meaning (UU principle) are in complete agreement that an open mind and open heart are to be cultivated. This openness allows for compassion and allows for change. [...]

Religious Education

UUCW-LL-Rainbow Room (LL11) (15), UUCW-LL-Purple Room (LL14) (15), UUCW-LL-Orange Room (LL13) (15), UUCW-LL-Lower Gathering Area (LL15) (40)

Our children and youth begin with their families in the Sanctuary for Worship at 10am, then leave for classes with similarly-aged peers after a Story for All Ages. Click HERE to learn more about our Religious Education program and to register.

YRUU (9th-12th Grade)

UUCW-UL-Red Room (UL5) (15)

The High School youth group meets for fun, fellowship, and planning of UU Youth events, service opportunities, and personal/educational goals. Contact Amy White to learn more and get involved.

Social Justice at UUCW

UUCW-LL-Community Room (CR) (60), UUCW-ML-Sanctuary (ML13) (160)

All are invited to join Rev. Julie in a community conversation to ponder the future of social justice work at UUCW. What are we doing? What should we be doing? How does it get done, and who does it? What's missing? How is [...]

Earth Ministry


Works to affirm and promote the “respect for theinterdependent web of all existence of which we are a part” (the UU seventhprinciple). Contact Karen Zimmermanfor more information.

Peer Caregiver Support Group

UUCW-UL-Red Room (UL5) (15)

To support UUCW caregivers who are gifted with caring for another's life, a 'Peer Caregiver Support Group' is offered to strengthen ourselves so we can provide positive support for our loved ones in need. Gatherings will be held at 1 [...]

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