Events for Thursday, May 30th - Sunday, June 2nd

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Covenant and Conflict at UUCW

UUCW-LL-Community Room (CR) (60), UUCW-ML-Sanctuary (ML13) (160)

All are invited to join Rev. Julie and the Transition Team in a community conversation to consider the role of a right relations covenant in UUCW's life. Do we know what our covenant is, and how it works? Can we [...]



Held at the Waukesha UU congregation.

RE Committee

UUCW 13001 W North Ave, Brookfield, WI, United States

6-7:30pm – Sun, Feb. 18 or Mon, Feb. 26 Two planning sessions; choose one or both. Open to all wanting spring faith formation opportunities for children, youth, and families to best meet their needs, and to help shape RE programs [...]


UUCW-LL-Community Room (CR) (60)

Rental dancing


UUCW-ML-Sanctuary (ML13) (160)

Writing Circle

UUCW-UL-Blue Room (UL4) (15)

This is a covenanted group and is open for people to join in September but then is a closed group once it begins.


UUCW-ML-Sanctuary (ML13) (160), UUCW-UL-Red Room (UL5) (15)

Shared meditation to reinforce your own practice or experience meditation as a beginner. Daytime sessions are offered weekly. Contact Terese Dineen to learn more.

“A Just and Equitable Stewardship”

UUCW 13001 W North Ave, Brookfield, WI, United States

We know how to fairly distribute a pie. Cut it into equal pieces so that everyone gets a slice. But how do we distribute and share stewardship of this congregation? If we can't cut it into equal pieces, what do [...]

Pledge Sunday

UUCW-ML-Sanctuary (ML13) (160)

Religious Education

UUCW-LL-Rainbow Room (LL11) (15), UUCW-LL-Purple Room (LL14) (15), UUCW-LL-Orange Room (LL13) (15), UUCW-LL-Lower Gathering Area (LL15) (40)

Our children and youth begin with their families in the Sanctuary for Worship at 10am, then leave for classes with similarly-aged peers after a Story for All Ages. Click HERE to learn more about our Religious Education program and to register.

YRUU (9th-12th Grade)

UUCW-UL-Red Room (UL5) (15)

The High School youth group meets for fun, fellowship, and planning of UU Youth events, service opportunities, and personal/educational goals. Contact Amy White to learn more and get involved.



Held at the Waukesha UU congregation.

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