A message from Laurie Boddie, UUCW Board of Trustees Vice President

As September begins, UUCW is brimming with expectations, energy, and excitement! We begin the month by coming back together as one community to celebrate In-Gathering. So, welcome September, welcome fall, welcome back from vacations, from travel, from re-creation, from the spirit of Summer. Surrounding us are sights and sounds of expectations shaping into a living reality… new and renewed programs, a new staff member, so many changes to our physical space, and the move to a single Sunday service.

Recently the Board has been reflecting on the opportunities that await us with having one Sunday service. In preparation, we’re adding more chairs to the sanctuary to accommodate what’s sure to be a “full house” on most Sundays. What expectations do you have about our shift to one Sunday service? Personally, I love the energy that’s present when we gather together as one community and have a full sanctuary. For many of us who have gotten into the habit of regularly attending either the earlier or the later service, we’ll now have an opportunity to see new faces every week. What a perfect time to reach out to someone you don’t know, or rarely see, and build a stronger relationship. We’ll soon see that some of our meetings and gatherings may take on a new cadence with the natural option to linger a little longer after the service and coffee hour for meetings. All of this is still very much in the planning phases; so, stay tuned for more developments and information. All of these changes will also require a little patience as we begin to plan out the use of our gathering spaces on Sundays. Especially during our Build 2020 construction, we’ll need to remain open and flexible as we continue to move forward.

Our 2020 UUCW expectations inspire me, and I hope they inspire you! Together as a community, we’re embarking on new ways of working together and being together that will challenge us to more fully embody our UUCW mission as a community with one another and as a faith community in our wider world. See you at Church!

Questions? Contact Laurie Boddie.