It seems that with climate change has come a delay of Summer’s end…. Still, some families are now gearing their children up for the start of the school year, with others soon to follow. The “church year”, specifically RE, is also about to begin its annual cycle with a special invitation to “re-engage”. (More on this to come from Rev. Julie, Stewardship, Membership & other UUCW leaders….)

Instead of “church” being “another thing” for your family to schedule and plan for, what would it take for UUCW to simply be the place to come to relax & have fun? To create or be in community with others? Some (maybe you?) already find that here. I, personally, join groups to be sure I take part in those activities I don’t otherwise get around to on my own – including, yes, taking it easy…. The more regularly we do something, the more natural (habitual?) it becomes…and the easier it is to simply s-l-i-d-e into it.

The rest of us can best welcome and help you into that state once your family is registered for the upcoming year’s RE programming. So, if you haven’t yet, please HERE to include your child/ren (and/or yourself) in some the motivating classes & groups in store for this year:

  • Nursery care
  • Primary “Soul Matters”
  • “Hogwarts UU”
  • “Coming of Age”/Transitions
  • YRUU (“Young Religious UUs”)
  • OWL (“Our Whole Lives”)
  • Sr. Bridging

Dates for RE Teacher orientation + an RE Open House – for returning as well as prospective families – as well as some special Family events, will be announced soon. The best way to be sure you don’t miss them is to register now. (Most ages/grade-levels listed can be considered flexible. I’m here to help place your child in the group that best fits their development and needs.)

I look forward to serving and working with you “and yours” … but mostly to just being with you all in the coming year!

Dave Cicero (he/his)
Dir. of Lifespan Religious Educ.