Welcome from the UUCW “Fellowship Circle” check-in group which takes place the first and third Wednesdays of each month from 7 to 8 pm on Zoom, hosted by the trained, caring listeners of the Lay Pastoral Care Team (LPCT) and/or Rev. Suzelle Lynch.

The group’s purpose is simple – connecting and sharing what’s happening in our lives with other members of the UUCW community. There’s always a chance to introduce yourself at the beginning, and we typically have a “reflection question” to start the conversation.

The Fellowship Circles guidelines are below, please be sure to read through them – they help us care for one another. Weekly attendance is not required. Come when you can; you are always welcome. Contact Dennis Wanless if you have questions or register here to receive the Zoom link.

Guidelines for Fellowship Circle hosted by Lay Pastoral Care Team 2020-21
1. Speak from your own experience. (Use “I statements”)
2. Listen with to the experiences and perspectives of others, to create a supportive atmosphere for each person.
3. Don’t comment on or minimize others’ experiences.
4. Actively resist making assumptions about one another.
5. Refrain from giving advice unless it is asked for!
6. Stay mindful of “taking space and making space” so everyone has chances to speak and listen.
7. Mute your microphone – but Stay Engaged – Good Zoom meeting etiquette means muting your microphone until it’s your turn to talk. (Otherwise, background noise can make it difficult to hear and be heard.) Use *6 if you are on a phone.
8. Respect the confidentiality of personal information and stories that are shared; all stories shared in Fellowship Circle should stay there and not be talked about with others.

AGENDA for Fellowship Circle General Format (45-90 minutes)
Welcome (by Facilitator)
Chalice lighting reading or Opening Reading (optional)
Review group guidelines
Introduce ourselves by name – so we will know “who’s in the room”
Check in – each person speaks for a minute or two about how they are doing while others simply listen without comments or questions.
Reflection Question
General Conversation