October is such a beautiful month with chilly clear days, filled with vibrant colors. Normally, you would be looking forward to going to football games, to closing up the cottage, or maybe spending a last weekend camping.  But not this year.  Now the goblins of worry are scurrying around in your mind.  Do you have concerns about your kids? Or trouble with your partner? For some, money is an ever-worrisome concern.  Whatever is bothering you, relief can be found by talking to a Lay Pastoral Care Team member who is a trained, compassionate, nonjudgmental listener. Then you might view your problem from a different perspective and see a solution yourself that could provide an inner peace, a sanctuary within yourself.

Individuals may seek support for themselves, or a friend or family member may suggest that the Lay Pastoral Care Team contact the person. A team member will make an initial call to introduce themselves and Lay Pastoral Care services, and to ask if this would be helpful.

Contact Lay Pastoral Care at Lay Pastoral Care Team or call Rev. Suzelle Lynch via the church office. All calls will be handled confidentially.