What calls you to action?

I said yes to serving as a trustee this year because this community at UUCW is important to me and I want to do what I can to help ensure that it prospers and grows. I’ve not been very involved or present for a few years, first due to a new business venture, then I was out of the habit, and then COVID. Since COVID, I’ve been looking for a way back in. You might not think that would be hard, but habit is a tough thing to break. This looked like a good way to get me back in – and so far it’s working!

The last time I served on the board was during Sam Schall’s interim ministry with us. We will no doubt be working with some familiar issues and questions as we continue in this time of discernment and enter into the search for a settled minister. It is good work as we take stock of who we are, who we wish to be and how we will get there together.

Working collaboratively to determine shared goals and then bring them to fruition has long been part of my professional life, first working as part of production teams painting and sculpting scenery for theater, opera, film, TV, and theme parks all over the country, and then later creating exhibits for museums – the work I have been doing for about 30 years. In my role as Executive Producer, I work with teams of content experts, writers, planners, media producers, designers, and craftspeople, orchestrating a coordinated dance to get us from an idea and an empty gallery to opening day.

This work requires skills I never imagined I would develop – skills in budgeting, scheduling, process development, team building, and negotiating – skills that have both helped in and been sharpened by the work I have done here at church, on the Board, Finance Committee, the MUUC Foundation, Teaching RE, Committee on Ministry and various ad hoc project teams.

I am pleased to be back at church on a regular basis seeing everyone’s friendly faces and am happy to be able to help as we find our path together toward a new ministry.

Erich Zuern