UUCW has always been blessed with an abundance of musical talent and generosity among its members. Our members regularly share their time and talent to create our vibrant music ministry. There are two recent extra special gifts that you should know about!

You’ve seen her tucked into the alto section for several years, and now she’s sitting at the piano. It’s Jess Hamel! UUCW would like to extend a huge thank you to Jess for volunteering to be the choir accompanist for this church year. With recent staff transitions and pandemic weirdness, the music program found itself without a dedicated accompanist for the choir. Little did we know that we had the perfect candidate already among us. Jess is an accomplished pianist with a music degree. She has all the skills that we would look for in a professional job posting and then some. She is taking her role very seriously, and the choir — and you, the congregation — are the lucky recipients of her professionalism and generosity. What an incredible gift of time and talent!

The other gift has come to us in the form of a large donation to the music library. When the Wisconsin Cream City Chorus disbanded several years ago, their artistic director, Kristen Weber, inherited their sizeable sheet music inventory. And now, Kristen has donated a large portion of it to UUCW’s music program. The WCCC was a group that shared many philosophical ideals as UUCW, and Kristen hand-picked pieces of music that she knew would align well with our values. Thanks to her generosity, the choir library now has 65 new titles in the choral library; with an average of 23 copies of each new title, that is a grand total of 1,510 new copies of music for our library. Wow!

Thanks for always sharing your gratitude with those who create our music ministry. The next time you see Jess or Kristen, please be sure to let them know how much their generosity is appreciated.

For more information about the Music program, contact Ruben Piirainen.