When Earth Day approaches, we usually take the time to review our Earth-friendly practices. Last year, a campaign was launched to reduce the mailing and paper expenses related to the West Wind, our monthly newsletter. Members were asked to sign up to receive only digital issues via email. While numerous people did step forward, there was not enough participation to reduce costs. Here are some facts and numbers that will encourage you to support this year’s West Wind cost-reduction and Earth-friendly campaign.

UUCW currently prints and mails 220 West Wind newsletters at a cost of $1300 per year. However, a small reduction in the number of newsletter mailings does not affect the cost. In fact, when mailing less than 200 newsletters, the church is ineligible for the USPS bulk rate and the higher first-class rate is applied. Savings can only be realized when mailing less than 140 newsletters.

This campaign is about much more than saving money. Our 7th UU Principle reminds us that we must use our resources wisely. But you can always download and print your own copy if needed. This request is voluntary. Any Member or Friend who would like to continue receiving postal delivery of the West Wind may do so.

To receive your West Wind newsletter and other office communications via email, complete this brief form. For more information, contact Publications Coordinator Kelly Bognar. Small individual changes can add up to make a big difference.