A service update from RevD:

Working with our Worship Team has been very collaborative. I am excited to see a lot of their ideas coming together. I will be watching the Tia Richardson service online. I love her murals. I need to get a copy of her new book too. I am grateful Kathy Bradshaw is taking the lead in that service.

June 26, June 26: “We Hold These Truths To Be Self-Evident…”
We have a unique perspective on Frederick Douglas’ speech related to Independence. This will feature a sermon from Rev. Rica Kaufel. She is newly appointed to be our Unitarian lead minister in Germany. She is a friend of mine from seminary. I think you will enjoy her sermon. I am glad Steve Frey is taking the lead on that.

July 3 will be one of our PJ services. The staff is off that day. The service will be from General Assembly and always features a great choir and choice ministers. The Rev. Gretchen Haley, Senior Minister of the Foothills Unitarian Universalist Church in Fort Collins, CO will lead the 2022 Sunday Service at GA. Additional worship team members include Rev. Sean Neil-Barron and Shari Halliday-Quan.

July 10: RevD will be in the pulpit: “Midwifing Care and Compassion”
This is a service that I am challenging myself to do. Ruben and I had a planning meeting this week discussing key music from the 1950s and 1960s to go along with Call the Midwife– the hit BBC show. I am exploring how caring is demonstrated when encountering controversial topics or events.

July 17 Lynn Kapitan is giving us a glimpse of her recent work with her son Alex and Eddee Daniel is helping to organize that service. The Difference Between Anti-Oppressive Language and Political Correctness. This service is Rooted in caring for people.

July 24: Privacy Rights with former U.S. Attorney James Santelle
What a treat you are in for when you get to hear from Jim! Scott Kopischke and I are both friends with Jim and had long thought it would be great to get him back here at UUCW. Plus, you can probably ask Jim his take on recent SCOTUS decisions.

July 31: RevD’s Last Day: “Underdogs in Contemporary Broadway Musicals”
Underdogs have grit. They are courageous and resolute, and they go for it with determination. They are empathetic. UU’s love the legendary winning misfits! We love overcoming odds, surviving chaos and working hard to win the unlikely outcome. RevD goes out in her last service highlighting these stories combined with her love of Contemporary Broadway Musicals. Music Director Ruben Piirainen joins her directing Milwaukee theater talent, as they inspire us to support these nonconformists in a sermonic musical extravaganza. You will not want to miss this amazing service. Ruben and I have surprises in store for you.