Dear ones:

This week I am in the UUMA – our Minister’s Association Institute for Learning Ministry Conference. This is a weeklong overall conference for how to minister in this time of pandemic. I am in a session titled Grief and Gratitude. It strikes me as something you all might be toggling back and forth with those feelings too. I am grateful to be in classes with keynotes and worship colleagues and I have so much grief that I am not with them in person. I am grateful to be here at UUCW and I hold so much grief that we are not in person again- YET!

Today, I am grateful to be hearing from UUA President Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray and if you are interested in the slides from that session, let me know.  I know some of you have expressed interest in understanding the role of the UUA and how it connects to our congregation. This is one of your opportunities to learn more.

I am also feeling grief and gratitude, as I consider my new role in this congregation. I removed Rev. Suzelle from my speed dial favorites on my phone today. I have so much gratitude for all I learned from her. I hold grief that I am no longer co-ministering with her, and I can’t just call up and ask questions and talk over approaches to ministry together. That too is one I imagine you are feeling as congregants.

There is so much I am excited about. I think we have exciting directions to explore, as we build a multi-platform membership going forward, review our policies, look at our budget, and examine our grounds, staff, and more. I hear requests to share transparency about this congregation. I am all for it. Let’s get together online and in-person (medical masks, small groups for now).

As you watch the Stewardship Campaign “Together for Joy” roll out this year, you will see a lot of opportunities to have more deep conversations together. I urge you to get involved as a host or to attend the upcoming Cottage Meetings for Joy.

I love this congregation. The more I know you, the more I love you. I look forward to getting to know more and more of you.

Sending kindness, RevD

P.S. See you after our Emergent Strategies worship service on Sunday. Bring your joys and concerns and let’s have a meaningful discussion. Zoom link here.