Hi Everybody – UU Church West will re-open for in-person worship on Ingathering Sunday, September 12. Hooray!

Go HERE for our Phased Reopening Plan for all the details, including guidelines for reserving and using meeting rooms and outdoor meeting spaces for smaller groups NOW!

Do you wonder why UUCW isn’t opening sooner?

Here’s why:  We have a significant population of UUCW people who cannot yet be vaccinated: young children.   And our UU ethics of inclusion mean doing what’s best for all of our members, kids, building renters, newcomers, and guests.

Five Additional factors:

ONE:  In August we will install and test the brand-new system we will use for multi-platform worship (worship that is both in-person and online simultaneously).

TWO:  Our very tired staff and I need to take our summer breaks so we will be refreshed and ready for fall.

THREE: There’s still considerable work to do to prepare the building for our return. (Watch for announcements about how you can help take care of the church grounds!)

FOUR:  We need to fill important staff positions (like sextons who run the sound system on Sundays, nursery care providers).  It takes time to hire and train folks.

FIVE: We also need to bring our usher teams and Membership Committee back up to full strength! If you can help, contact us right away!

We all want to reopen and be back together at UUCW as soon as possible! That’s what we’re working towards. Our ROC-19 Task Force is monitoring the COVID-19 Delta variant, and other trends to help us stay safe.

In the meantime, get re-connected in person with the UUCW Community via small groups, Tea with Rev. D., and our next outdoor “Sunday Social” on August 1 at 11:30 a.m. at church.

Thank you for supporting and participating at UUCW. You are why our community is strong and beautiful!

Rev. Suzelle Lynch and Rev. Denise Cawley