“A Mexican woman, Luz, an undocumented immigrant facing deportation, has been living full time in sanctuary in a room at Ascension Lutheran church, near 27th and Greenfield in Milwaukee, since early October.  She has been in Wisconsin for over 20 years and her whole family, including children and grandchildren are here; she has medical needs that must be monitored, and no remaining connections in Mexico.  She has been legally fighting deportation since 2013 when she was arrested in a raid on a factory where she was working.  By going into sanctuary, she can continue her fight to stay in this country with the help of a pro-bono immigration lawyer.  Ascension Lutheran and Voces de la Frontera, the immigrants’ rights organization, have reached out to area churches to assist them in meeting her physical, medical, social, and legal needs.

Watch for future announcements about additional ways to contribute to her needs as we become aware of them. ”

Learn more about UU efforts to support immigrants and their rights. https://www.uua.org/immigration and https://sidewithlove.org/immigrant-justice

For more information, contact Ann Heidkamp.