Tosa Together (TT) is a citizens’ group in Wauwatosa that was founded by a diverse group including several UUCW members and Rev. Suzelle Lynch to help that community move towards greater equity and inclusion. And now, if YOU are a Wauwatosa resident, you can help that work by writing to your alderpersons and asking them to vote yes on establishing an Equity and Inclusion Commission.

Establishing an Equity and Inclusion Commission will provide valuable knowledge and resources to aid the city welcome its growing racially/culturally diverse population, promote understanding between different groups, and identify potential problem areas that need to be addressed as the city grows and changes.  The full rationale for the commission is available here. Questions? Contact Ann Heidkamp, Social Action Council Chair.

How to reach your Alderperson and Mayor — By group email:

Direct email is first initial and last name (e.g.

You can also email to Carla Ledesma for distribution to alders

All letters on this Commission must arrive by noon on 4/25 — you can postal mail or hand-deliver letters to 7725 W. North Ave, Wauwatosa, WI 53213 (for hand delivery bring to the clerk’s desk on the second floor).



(NOTE:  Please add your own thoughts to make the letter more personal.)


Dear Ald. NAME (or Mayor Kathy Ehley )

My name is (YOUR NAME) and I live (YOUR ADDRESS) in Wauwatosa.  I am contacting you to ask that you support the resolution for the establishment of a city Equity and Inclusion Commission which will be presented at the April 30th Government Affairs Committee.

This resolution has been proposed by Tosa Together.  I think an Equity and Inclusion Commission is needed because Wauwatosa is a great place to live but I would like to see it become even more welcoming and more intentional about addressing the growing cultural and racial diversity in our city.  This commission, like others, would be a valuable resource to help the city positively and proactively address an important aspect of city life and include citizen voices.  (SHORT VERSION ends here – for LONG VERSION – add info below)

I very much support the vision of Tosa Together and agree with them that by embracing these changes and developing plans, policies and structures that demonstrate a commitment to equity and inclusion Wauwatosa will:

  • Be attractive to millennials, who as a group are now over 40% people of color, and who state a preference for living in locations with a diverse population and a welcoming, inclusive environment
  • Be attractive to businesses, both large and small, who seek to locate in locations which are welcoming for their diverse employees and customers.
  • Help residents understand and accept the cultural changes that are occurring to promote the strong neighborhood relationships and associations that characterize Wauwatosa and keep it a safe and welcoming city.
  • Ensure that the diverse voices are heard and respected, and issues or concerns can be raised so that potential conflict situations can be addressed promptly, and the impact minimized.
  • Retain current residents who are committed to a strong community in Wauwatosa but also cherish the goal of diversity in neighborhoods, city services, and businesses.

I look forward to hearing from you about your position on the creation of an Equity and Inclusion Commission.


MY ADDRESS (unless provided above)