I am requesting you send me a clear photo of yourself and tell me about what makes you, you. I would love to know what drew you to UUCW, how you are involved, and the ways you share your gifts with this community. Please email me, and help me get to know you. Then when you see me, please keep telling me your name and reminding me of your connections. I want to minister to you well and knowing you better will help me do that.

As most of you have known one another before Covid, you have seen one another’s faces and learned body language and can recognize even through masks, coats, sunglasses, and hats. For me, I have only experienced you in limited ways during the pandemic, often with layers of clothing. Some churches use Zoom even for worship, but when you watch a streamed worship service, I have no idea who is in the audience. Sending me notes and photos will help me. I would also like permission to use the photo in your Realm record so that I can trigger your name and face when I look you up.

Reverend Denise