UU Church West is offering you many opportunities to enjoy the winter holidays this year.  Check back frequently for updates!

Thursday, December 10 – 18 – Hanukkah – Do you celebrate Hanukkah?  Would you like to join with other UUCW people who celebrate this holiday to kindle the candles via Zoom? Contact Vicki Banville, Church Administrator ASAP to make arrangements.

Sunday, December 20 – 10 am  “Winter’s Stillness, Winter’s Hope – A Solstice Ritual” – Join Rev. Suzelle Lynch and the EarthSpirit Team for an online winter solstice ritual to remember. With stories, dance, songs, and our energy, we will bring back the Sun! Watch for your “Solstice Ritual Kit” in postal mail in early December.

Sunday, December 20 – 3:30-4:30 pm “Yule Wish Candles and Sun Selfies” – As Sunday afternoon deepens to sunset, join Rev. Suzelle Lynch and a helper from the EarthSpirit Team to light a Yule Wish Candle and take a “selfie” to celebrate the Solstice Sun that returned to us at our Winter Solstice ritual earlier in the day. This outdoor, in-person, one-person/family-at-a-time ritual will be held under the canopy at the UUCW East Entrance. See additional details here.

Thursday, December 24 – 4 pm and 8 pm Christmas Eve Services “The Joy of Music” – The music of the season, performed by our many talented UUCW musicians, lights our hearts as we light our Christmas Eve candles at home this year. Join Rev. Suzelle Lynch and Music Directors Jennifer Nicolosi and Ruben Piirainen for this music-rich offering of beauty and meaning.

Sunday, December 27 – 10 am “Getting Ready to Say ‘Goodbye 2020!’” – Twenty-twenty is coming to an end, thank goodness! Let’s join our hearts and minds and voices and spirits to give it a push out the door, and welcome in a New Year.  Rev. Suzelle presides over the service today, with help from our excellent UUCW team.

Sunday, December 27 – 11 am – Kwanzaa Service with Community Church of New York – We’ve been invited to join the UU Community Church of New York, a multiracial congregation, “Kwanzaa: Habari Gani!!! Kujichagulia!!!”  led by the Rev. Chris Long, Assistant Minister.  To join this Zoom-broadcast service, simply go to www.ccny.org and scroll down to “Click Here to Enter the Zoom Room.”