Dear Friends:

January has been a month to celebrate UUCW and the ministry of Rev. Suzelle Lynch! We were able to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of UUCW on January 9, 2022 with a wonderful service remembering the history of the church and ministries. The church building was rededicated in honor of the completion of the Build 2020 renovations. The celebration of Rev. Suzelle’s ministry will be celebrated on January 22, and her last time preaching is Sunday, January 30. To celebrate these occasions, we are asking you to make a one-time donation to our Diamond Jubilee Fund.

After last spring’s pledge drive, we deferred additional requests for financial support of UUCW due to the uncertainty of the pandemic, which made us unable to be together. Thankfully, we are back in person as well as online for every Sunday service, which you can also view at any time on our website and YouTube Channel. From religious education to community connections, social action, and pastoral care, we are gradually bringing back all that this community offers. But to sustain our pandemic ministry in this multi-platform environment that our staff had to institute rapidly, we still very much need your help. Your end-of-the-year donation to the Diamond Jubilee Fund will provide support to UUCW as it reaches its 60th Anniversary.

How can you mark this occasion while showing appreciation for Rev. Suzelle Lynch’s many years of ministry? Consider your donation as representing all that Rev. Suzelle brought to UUCW. The Diamond Jubilee Fund is a worthy way to commemorate her legacy and let her know that in this liminal time, UUCW will be well. To reach our goal of 60% of UUCW members contributing —in whatever way is meaningful to you— we are emphasizing that this is not about the end goal but is about all of us. The work of healing and liberation is not meant to be done alone. We need one another.

Your additional donation this year will honor UUCW as a beacon of progressive thinking, teaching, and action for 60 years. For this auspicious anniversary, we are asking everyone to consider donating any amount that has a “60” in it: whether $600, $60, or $6000. Children and youth might contribute $.60 or $6. Please make your one-time donation between now and January 31, 2022 and help us celebrate a sustainable church community through these times.

As of January 27, 2022, UUCW has received 26% with 52 pledging households giving $11,738. We still need 67 gifts before January 31, 2022.


Farewell, Rev. Suzelle! A Retirement Celebration: We would like to report to Reverend Suzelle how much was raised in her honor at her retirement party on January 22. We will be sharing the names of everyone who gave so far (so get your donation in by January 15 to be included in that list!).


As your Board of Trustees, we understand that stewarding and giving is the responsibility of each and every one of us. That is why 100% of the Board has already made a commitment to the Diamond Jubilee Fund.

With your donation, you will be joining us in celebrating our 60-year anniversary—plus over 17 years of Rev. Suzelle’s ministry. Together we will keep our community thriving, knowing that Unitarian Universalism is a life-saving faith needed by so many. Can we count on you to help?

Thank you for all the ways you support this community. You make it possible to show up for members at some of their darkest moments and biggest life changes. Your time, your talents, and your treasure are what make UUCW a community that fuels progressive values that ripple throughout SE Wisconsin and beyond.

In faith,

President Lisa Larson, Ahmad Perry, Pam Beattie, Laurie Boddie, Colleen Gresk, Greg Kohnert, Scott Kopischke, Stephanie Wahlen, and Chris Zamzow

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