From the UUCW Stewardship Team Chair, Leslie Peterson

Seventy-seven percent of the money needed to fund UUCW comes from us—the members of this community! Without our collective financial support, we could not pay our minister and staff, conduct the programming that we do and keep the lights on. Pledging, whatever the amount, allows the Financial Team and the Board to plan, knowing the amount of money available for the coming fiscal year. Pledging is also a spiritual act. It is a bold commitment to the future of UUCW; to our mission and to our dreams to transform ourselves and the world through this beloved community.

For the 2024-25 fiscal year (May 1st-April 30th) we received 170 pledges totaling $459, 000. We expect an additional $17,000 to be committed in the coming weeks for a total of $473,000.

During this year’s pledge campaign, ninety-three households increased their pledge for a total of $38,500. Twenty-five households, due to moving away from the area or other changes in life circumstances, decreased their pledge for a total of $24,900. The result is a net increase of $13,600 in pledged contributions. Pledges from members who joined the UUCW community in the last year equaled $7,700.

A summary of this year’s pledging is in the table below:

Pledge Range Number of Households Amount Pledged ($)
$7,000-$33,700 14 $169,700
$3,000-$6,500 32 $137,190
$1,500-$2,980 42 $93,291
$1,000-$1,452 24 $28,689
$500-$960 36 $24,094
$100-$480 22 $6,315
Total 170 $459,279


What we pledge is our decision alone. Each of gets to decide what this community means to us; what money, time and effort we are going to give to UUCW and how our giving aligns with our values.

The money pledged during the 2024-2025 campaign will allow us to settle our new minister, Jill Braithwaite and together begin the journey of embodying our mission of a loving and joyful community, committed to spiritual growth, inclusion and justice. Our pledges allow us to continue the journey of paying our staff just and equitable wages, inching ever closer to alignment with UUA guidelines. To provide money for social justice and anti-racism work within the UUCW community and in the wider world. To provide innovative programs for spiritual growth and to care for our building and grounds. Together we are the church, we are enough!