It takes on average 500 pounds of plastic to make a garden bench. That’s about 40,500 bags!

UUCW has beautiful recycled benches outside the East entrance that were made from recycled plastic bags and other plastic film products. Bring your plastic bags as well as scrap metal, wire, household textiles, and clothing to UUCW’s Recycling Day held on Saturday, October 15th from 8 am-noon at UUCW.

Think of all of the recyclable plastic that a typical family uses each week….

1 – Large wrapping around the case of toilet paper
2 – Additional wrapping to separate the toilet paper into groups inside the large wrapping!
3 – Large wrapping around the case of paper towel
4 – Additional wrapping to separate the paper towel rolls
5 – Plastic holding the case of water bottles together to help carry them all together
6 – Fruit and vegetables put into separate bags by item
7 – The plastic around the lettuce
8 – Meat put in a separate bag to catch any juices that leak out
9 – Bag around the loaf of bread
10 – Bag around the tortilla’s
11 – Bag of ice
12 – All the bags used to bag up the groceries
13 – Cereal bags
14 – Each day for lunch – the use of sandwich and snack bags
15 – Ordering on Amazon or other retailors and receiving bags or items with bubble wrap
16 – Newspaper delivered to your house in a bag
17 – Adding salt to the water softener
18 – The drycleaning items placed in plastic bags to keep them clean
19 – Plastic film labeled #2 or #4 recycling

Talk to your friends and families and help us collect 40,500 bags or like items so that we can get another bench for the church grounds. Please make sure that the plastic is clean and dry.

Here is a list of acceptable items.

There are many other plastic items that ARE NOT recyclable with this program.

For more information, contact Vicki Banville, Church Administrator.