An Easier Way to View Sunday’s Service via Facebook LIVE

An Easier Way to View Sunday’s Service via Facebook LIVE

2020-04-02T17:43:23-05:00March 19th, 2020|E-News|


Go to and click on the red “VIEW LIVE STREAM” button in the middle of the page.















You will proceed to a page that shows the UUCW heart post-it banner and “Past Live Videos”

If you don’t have a Facebook account, you will have text boxes showing up at the top and bottom of your screen asking you to sign-in to Facebook. Please disregard. Once the service starts, the top one will disappear but the bottom bar will remain on the screen.













Our “plan” is to have music playing several minutes before 10:00 am. Hopefully, this will give everyone time to find the feed and no one will miss any of the service.

IF YOU COME TO THIS PAGE BEFORE WE START THE LIVE STREAM, you must REFRESH this page until the new Live Stream begins. To REFRESH, click on the circle-arrow in the upper left of your screen. Click the refresh icon repeatedly until a larger screen appears – that is the new live service.













This is what the screen will look like for this Sunday’s service.  If you see this, you are all set! Sit back and listen.

If you are not hearing the service, hover your mouse over the video and click on the speaker with the “x” next to it. This will unmute the sound.