A multi-platform General Assembly means there are many ways to participate and interact both onsite and online. This can also make some people feel overwhelmed. We encourage you to find the level of engagement that you feel most comfortable with.

How to watch and attend sessions/events
Anyone can watch the live public streams of General Sessions, the Synergy Bridging Service, the Service of the Living Tradition, and the Sunday Service on UUA.org and YouTube. Many televisions and streaming devices like Roku, AppleTV, and Google Chromecast provide access to YouTube, so you can watch the stream on your TV in addition to on your computer, tablet, and smartphone.

Events restricted to Full and Online registrants—the Opening Ceremony, the Ware Lecture, and workshops—can be accessed via the GA Whova App on your computer, tablet, or smartphone, or through a combination of these. Try watching the stream full screen and using your phone as a secondary device to chat.

Those onsite in Pittsburgh will find onsite event locations listed in the GA Whova App and in the Program Book. If you are feeling tired, full registration includes online participation, so head back to your hotel room and watch online.

How to stay in conversation with others
Everyone can access the UUA’s business discussion platform discuss.uua.org, where folks can review and discuss the business items being considered at GA well in advance of General Sessions.

Full and Online registrants have access to the GA Whova App, where you can create and join communities and connect with other registrants and exhibitors. Also within Whova are dedicated chat rooms associated with each event.

All Delegates, including business-only registrants, can chat via Zoom during General Sessions. Multiple Zoom Meetings will be available to help keep chat from being overwhelming. Note that one of the Zoom Meetings will be the designated meeting for speaking during the General Session discussions. Delegates are welcome to move between the Zoom Meetings as needed. The links to the Zoom Meetings can be found in the Delegate Platform.

How to speak during business discussions
Onsite delegates will go to the booth to the right of the stage where tellers will add you to the speaking queue. When you are the next onsite speaker, a teller will admit you to the speaking booth where you will be able to address the General Assembly with your pro or concern statement.

Online delegates will need to join the Zoom Meeting designated for speaking. When you want to speak, indicate so using the chat and the chat moderators will add you to the speaking queue. When you are next to speak in your queue, a queue manager will move you into a breakout room. When the moderator recognizes you, go ahead and introduce yourself and make your statement to the General Assembly.

Note that all delegates need to state their name and congregation before they make their statement. You are also encouraged to include your pronouns, land acknowledgment, and a self-description. Your introduction does not count against your speaking time of a minute and a half.