We are 6-months into this Interim Ministry with Rev. Julie. At this point, the UUA asks for the congregational board to complete an appraisal…not of the minister really, but of the process. It’s an opportunity for us, as a congregation, to take responsibility for our part in this transition time. (Rev. Julie will also submit a similar report.)

The appraisal asks questions like: 

  • How well did we prepare for this interim ministry?
  • What are our goals? Do they need to be adjusted?
  • Are we engaging with our grief and our conflicts?
  • How do we understand the appropriate role of the minister, the church staff, and lay leaders?
  • How are we navigating any leadership shifts?
  • Are we engaging with outside resources?
  • Is the interim minister able to courageously raise needful issues in the congregation? And are we cooperating in addressing those issues?
  • What do we want to see addressed during the remaining interim time?

Do you have input you’d like to share? If so, please contact/speak to Rob Zimmerman or Larry Hawley by Feb 28.