It’s Time to Re-invest in Programs to Restore Our Communities. Let’s spend $1 billion on community instead of cages!

After 121 years Green Bay Correctional Institute is nearing the end of its useful life. That means that Wisconsin’s Governor and State Legislature have a big decision to make: Will our state spend $1 billion over the next 20 years to build and operate a new prison, or will we join the states around the U.S. that are reducing their prison populations? Will we spend $1 billion on a new prison, or will we invest $1 billion over the next 20 years on programs that can uplift people, reduce crime, and re-build our communities?

If we choose not to replace GBCI, Wisconsin could invest $50 million each year, for the next 20 years, in programs like Treatment Alternatives and Diversions, programs for at-risk youth, and innovative public health approaches to violence prevention, which would not only help to restore lives, families and communities; but would also further reduce the prison population.

You can support this new campaign! Contact the WISDOM office to have a WISDOM leader give a presentation in your house of worship or community organization.

For more information, contact Barbara Pfarr.