Lay Pastoral Care at UUCW is provided by a group of trained lay leaders whose mission is to offer comfort and support to members through compassionate listening. Lay Pastoral Care Team members may visit church members at home, in the hospital or a community setting, or talk by phone. Team members support those going through major life transitions or personal crisis. They show caring in a non-judgmental way through active listening. They do not provide therapy or a cure. Lay Pastoral Care relationships are built on trust with a respect for confidentiality.

People may refer themselves for support, or sometimes a concerned friend will suggest that the Lay Pastoral Care Team contact a person in need. A team member will make an initial phone call to introduce him or herself, and Lay Pastoral Care services, and inquire to see if this would be helpful.

Contact Lay Pastoral Care or call Rev. Suzelle Lynch via the church office. All inquiries will be handled confidentially.