When my son went off to kindergarten, I grieved. Of course, I was joyous about his excitement over this new adventure; but I also knew that he would no longer be “mine.” He would now increasingly be influenced by others — especially his peers.

When he left home for college, I grieved. Of course, I was proud of his accomplishments and knew that I had prepared him to live independent of me. I was also relieved that I would no longer sleep restlessly until I heard him come home for the night. Pleasant and unpleasant emotions flipped back and forth uncontrollably. I felt at wit’s end.

How wonderful it would have been if there was a Lay Pastoral Care Team available to me at those times in my life to be a sounding board for my feelings. You may benefit from allowing a non-judgmental, compassionate person to listen confidentially to whatever you are experiencing in your life right now.

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