Here we are approaching the dog days of summer, the days marked by lethargy, inactivity and indolence. Are you suffering from these symptoms? Perhaps something besides the heat is getting you down. Are you or a loved one ill? Maybe financial problems are worrisome. You might even be partying to forget your problems, only to add to them by drinking too much. Wouldn’t it be better to consult with a member of the Lay Pastoral Care Team?

Lay Pastoral Care Team Members are trained nonjudgmental listeners who are ready to offer confidential and compassionate support during stressful times. They do not offer advice nor therapy, but by active listening are often able to help individuals recognize they themselves have the solution to their problems.

Individuals may seek support for themselves, or a friend or family member may suggest that the Lay Pastoral Care Team contact the person. A team member will make an initial phone call to introduce themselves and Lay Pastoral Care services, and to ask if this would be helpful.

Contact the Lay Pastoral Care Team or Rev. Denise Cawley. All communications will be handled confidentially.