FROM REV. SUZELLE: The UU World Magazine is a benefit of being a member of UUCW, and it comes from our faith’s central office in Boston several times a year. The most recent issue featured an article called, “After L,G, and B” which presented information and stories about transgender people from the perspective of someone who is not transgender. It was the first major UU World story on any transgender-related topic – and unfortunately, had the effect of objectifying transgender people. Many spoke out in protest, including Alex Kapitan, leader of the Transforming Hearts Collective. Alex is a transgender and queer lifelong Unitarian Universalist who grew up at UUCW; Alex is a trainer, speaker, consultant, editor, and anti-oppression activist.  I hope you will read the article, Alex’s response, the UU World’s apology, and the response from TRUUsT, our UU Transgender religious professionals organization.

THE UU WORLD ARTICLE – From Kimberly French: “After L, G, and B”

ALEX KAPITAN’S RESPONSE– “What It Takes to De-Center Privilege: The Failure of this Week’s UU World Article”

UU WORLD’S APOLOGY – From UU World Editor Christopher Walton: “Our story hurt people”

TRANSGENDER UU PROFESSIONALS RESPONDFrom TRUUsT Transgender Religious UU Professionals Together: “Putting the T First”