The holidays provide a time for reflection, and as I ponder our five months together so far…thinking about what has shown up and what is yet to be revealed…I am reminded that there are some lessons I seem to have to learn over and over. Is that true for you too? Here are a few of those old lessons: 

  • Trust is built at the speed of relationship! When trust seems thin, get proximate. Listen to one another. Share stories. Build community.  
  • Perfection doesn’t exist, but ‘pretty darn good’ does! It’s not about doing it ‘right’; it’s about doing it in service of love and justice. We need only to engage our hearts to create beauty and meaning.   
  • Size is not the thing! No matter how many resources we have, there’s a tendency to worry there’s not enough. Remember that all we need is right here, among and between us. We are enough. You are more than enough.  
  • There’s nothing like good teamwork! The UUCW staff are bright stars in our midst. They show up, they do excellent work, and they care deeply about this community. What treasures they are!  
  • The time we have together is what makes life good. As the calendar turns to 2023, let’s re-commit ourselves to creating beloved community…that each and every being may experience its deep sense of belonging, joy and warmth.  

And may we ever continue to learn and evolve together.

Happy New Year UUCW! 
Rev. Julie 


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