Friends: There are a few things on my mind, that the worship schedule hasn’t had space to address yet. I invite you to consider how you can act with these in mind. Please do your spiritual practices. Then you will be more nimble when helping others.

Justice Training
Did you know every week you can make a difference phone banking with others- RIGHT FROM YOUR HOME! I know it is amazing.

Abortion is on my mind.
I was talking with a friend from Planned Parenthood. I worked there as a chaplain for two years and it was a holy honor to accompany people there. She was telling me, there is a very real possibility Roe will be overturned in June. If it does get overturned, we will likely see more than 20 states make abortion illegal. States where it is legal would be flooded with people seeking abortions. States where it is illegal would need to transport thousands to seek refuge. Decades ago UU ministers were called upon to help women get safe abortions. I know we would be called on again to do what we can to help. Please contact your representatives about this.

Earth Day Clean Ups Need You.
April 23 UUCW is working with Riverkeeper to do some clean up. I hope you join them if you are able. Karen Zimmerman has shared information in Realm. Let’s try to keep our waters clean and flowing. Plus, Side With Love has some great trainings and resources from UU Ministry for the Earth:

You can also check out the Resources & Recordings from the 2022 Congregational Climate Convergence

Worried about Democracy?
I know I am. The more I watch what is happening with abortion, our earth and the Ukraine, I feel a real fear we are exhibiting more and more elements that cause civil wars. I worry every day about democracy dying. Want to do something about it? Democracy as a Spiritual Practice: Strengthening Our Civic Muscles — Thursday, March 31, 2022 7:30 PM –  9:00 PM ET (Note the Time Zone!)

Want to speak up for trans Lives but don’t know how to?
It is hard to do. I still mess up when I mean to bring love and information and my own anxiety comes across wonky. One of the most impactful ways for allies* to combat the wave of anti-trans legislation sweeping the country is to show up in public to articulate our values, unequivocally affirming that trans and nonbinary people are beautiful, sacred, and loved. This training can help:

In kindness,

Reverend Denise