Dear UUCW of 2124,

 In 2024, we were looking for ways to live into our new mission statement. Our beloved community was excited about our focus on promoting spiritual growth by dismantling white supremacy, becoming more inclusive, working together for social justice advancement and building a joyful community based on love and compassion. Some of us signed up for the Beloved Conversations course to help us recognize systemic racism and white supremacy.

 Your church has become a focal point for community engagement, and collaborative action in Brookfield and the greater Milwaukee area, and a center for dialogue sessions on current issues. Your electronic sign conveys UU values in brief, meaningful messages. In seeing your ministry staff reflecting the wide diversity in your church, I am so proud. How wonderful to find your youth conducting Sunday evening services with current music and topics that speak to their age and culture.

 Treats in the coffee room now include favorite snacks from a variety of cultures. Your social justice committee has influenced Milwaukee government to provide reasonable and frequent mass transit services to our community as well as all the suburbs. I’ve also noticed that you have a large group of volunteers who give people rides to and from church. Your religious education department’s reputation for quality programming draws children from other churches, mosques, and synagogues. So welcoming are your members that anyone walking in the door feels the joy and love you so freely give.

Our mission statement has come alive in the shining beacon of light you display so well. Words such as “inclusivity,” “justice”, “love”, and “acceptance” are so ingrained in your hearts and minds that they are joyfully expressed in all you do and say. Where once we merely acknowledged our Native American tribes whose land we occupied, you have actually sought out members of those tribes wherever possible and invited them into your UU congregation. What joy to honor those our country would forget with open arms, monetary contributions, and a welcoming pulpit for their wisdom and spirituality.

Future UUCW, I look forward to our hopes and dreams becoming reality as you grow spiritually into a joyful community living fully into our values and principles. As we struggle to understand and incorporate our Mission Statement into our lives, we know our descendants will carry the message forward.

Kathy White