I have written my letter to the future to a couple considering joining this church in 2030.

Our MISSION STATEMENT: Grounded in love, UUCW is a joyful community committed to spiritual growth, inclusion, and justice.
I have worked in several places as a marriage and family therapist and belonged to several churches. I found that the mission statement was either plastered all over the walls, elegantly framed, or not seen. The words were meaningless, never addressed, and never put into action that I could see. That is not true here…at all. Our mission statement is simple but deep. It states that we are grounded in love. Joy comes from a sense of belonging. Spiritual growth is our foundation. We are inclusive. We are committed to justice. All of these values are very important to me….they are the reason I am here. But the most important is the sense of belonging.

I will explain that reason by telling you a bit about my journey. I walked out of the catholic church in 1989 and never entered another church until 2017 when, on a cold windy day in March, I entered this church. What I heard from the pulpit was freeing and meaningful. I felt a warmth from the congregation. I kept coming back.

At this time my husband was in Luthern Home… and so was I. I wanted to be there with him. We had a loving community there…..friends with the residents, aides, staff, and other caretakers. Our 3 years there were sacred and I treasure them. When he died in 2019 I was devastated….I still am. What a blessing that I had this church where I could belong. I joined a Soul Circle where I could process my grief, and where I was supported and comfortable. I share this with you so that you can see the values lived here, the benefits of small groups, and how our mission statement lived out.

I would encourage you both to join small groups and activities because they embody the mission statement. I will not name all of the groups as there are too many. I apologize for those I’m leaving out.

Spiritual growth is our foundation…
Experiencing a service here is profound and enriching. The questions that are asked are deep….I often struggle with them all week or more. There are no answers. How refreshing that is……

We are grounded in love…
You will experience this just walking in the front door.

Joy comes from a sense of belonging
The Women’s Writing Circle, Men’s Breakfast Group, Dinners in the Home…

Spiritual growth
Soul Circles, Wellspring

We are inclusive
You belong here whomever you love

We are committed to social justice
Sophia (Waukesha Co.), Micah (Milwaukee Co.), and many other activities that promote equality and dismantle white supremacy.

My vision for the future contains nothing miraculous. That is already here. You must live the mission statement. You must embody it. You must cherish it. That is the only way it will enrich you.

On any given Sunday
If I am a greeter or not
If I am at the welcome table or not
If I go to coffee hour but never make coffee
And have experienced the depth of the service…

I leave here with a joyful feeling of belonging…

Susan Foley