You are now welcome to check books out of the UUCW Library even though the upper level of the building is still closed.  Changes, since the library was last open, include moving the archives bookcase next to the window and relocating the African American collection, anti-racism books, and new books to the right of the filing cabinets next to the main collection.

New books in the library include:

Emergent Strategy, one of Rev. Denise’s favorites
This Day in Recovery, a book of daily meditations for those recovering from addiction
Mistakes and Miracles, the 2022-23 UUA Common Read about a congregation’s work to combat systemic racism
Defund Fear: Safety without Policing, Prisons, and Punishment, the UUA 2021-22 Common Read

These books, as well as many others, can be found on the New Books shelf.  They may be checked out for four weeks.
For more information, contact Carolyn Lawrence.