No matter how you feel about social media, UU Church West uses both Facebook (and, to a lesser degree, Instagram) to get the word out about events and to connect with members and friends. Another goal is to increase our social media reach to attract new people who might be interested in our faith community.

UUCW depends on “organic” reach, meaning our posts are not sponsored or “boosted.” With constant changes in Facebook’s algorithms and competition from paid marketers, “organic” reach can be hard to obtain. By liking or commenting, you can increase the visibility of our “organic” posts.

Please like and comment on any post or event you see in your feed. Everyone loves photo summaries of members having fun and sharing community but don’t forget to “like” the weekly e-news or an upcoming event on Facebook. The seemly less exciting e-news post offers an opportunity to learn more about our church, sign up for the e-news or get an invitation to a discussion or event. Major UUCW events and services also are posted on private community pages in Brookfield, Milwaukee, Wauwatosa, New Berlin, and Waukesha. If you are a member of one of these groups, don’t forget to like or comment on the posts when you see them. Please “share” our events that might have a broader appeal to newcomers. These might include our Holiday Music Service, Solstice Ritual, or Christmas Eve Service.

Here are two posts that illustrate the power of likes and comments.” The first one is a recent posting of our weekly e-news:

This post received one like and 19 engagements. A Facebook engagement is any action taken. It could be a like, comment, share, save, video view, or click on a link. Note the total reach of the post is 166.

The second post is a follow-up to Vicki’s recent 10th anniversary of employment at UUCW. Since everyone loves Vicki, the post received 48 likes or loves, 131 people clicked on the images, and 16 people added compliments. As a result, the reach of the post grew to 575. That may seem far from the “viral” videos you hear about in the news but a 246% increase from the previous post is not to be ignored.

So, please like and comment on all types of posts. Engage by clicking, viewing, or watching. Even if you have already read the weekly e-news, click on the e-news post. Add a comment about a particular feature you liked, “I enjoyed Rev. Julie’s insight on Ministerial Transition” or “This Sunday’s service sounds intriguing. I’ll be there!”

Thank you, for your support on social media. I hope to continue creating posts that will inform and delight you as well as increase engagement in the broader community.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kelly Bognar

UUCW Publication Coordinator