Wish you could go solar but can’t figure out how? Arcadia Power might have the answer you are looking for.

Solar Option: If you are a WE Energies customer you can join a Community Solar program through Arcadia Power which allows you to access the benefits of solar power without installing panels on your own roof. Arcadia Power lets buy one or more solar panels on a remote solar project and begin receiving a monthly credit on your electric bill. Even if you move, your savings go with you.

Wind Option: Arcadia Power also allows you to support wind energy production at no cost if you match 50% of your energy usage with wind energy certificates. You can increase your impact and commit to matching 100% of your usage by paying an additional 1.5 cents/kWh.

How it Works: Your utility sends Arcadia Power your bill directly. Arcadia Power then sends a statement that includes this charge and details on your clean energy impact. You can even charge your Arcadia bill on a credit card, without a transaction fee, giving you the option to accrue points on your card. Your customized dashboard allows you to keep an eye on your energy usage over time and track your clean energy impact. For more info, check out Arcadia Power or contact Almuth Soffee.