Are you envious of your friends whose lives seem happy? They tell you they are thankful for their blessings.  You know you are better off than many people, but, try as you might, you can’t feel thankful. Your life has spun out of control and lies in shards all around you. But you can feel thankful for The Lay Pastoral Care Team at UUCW. After telling your story to a trained, compassionate, nonjudgmental team member, it is possible that you may see a pattern in the pieces and begin to put them back together. It might require more sessions with your listener, but this could be the beginning of a thankful and healing chapter in your story.

Lay Pastoral Care Team members are trained in confidential, active listening.  Individuals may seek support for themselves, or a friend or family member may suggest that the Lay Pastoral Team contact the person. A team member will make an initial phone call to introduce him or herself and Lay Pastoral Care services and to ask if this would be helpful.

Contact Lay Pastoral Care or Rev. Suzelle Lynch. All contact will be handled confidentially.