It’s spring! Nature is blooming and budding all around us.  UU Wellspring is blooming, too! We’re at a table in the Community Room each Sunday during May, inviting you to consider participation in this deeply meaningful experience.

UU Wellspring is a 10-month journey of spiritual exploration, guidance and deepening for Unitarian Universalists. The UU Wellspring experience draws upon our abundant UU history, Principles and faith Sources as the foundation for our personal and communal spiritual journeys. Here at UUCW, we are completing our seventh year of offering UU Wellspring programs.

We invite you to consider joining a UU Wellspring group for the 2019-2020 church year. Registration for all groups is happening during May. At our table in the Community Room, you’ll find information about the program, and UUCW members who’ve participated and can answer your questions. Information is also available at the UU Wellspring website:

For more information, contact Patricia D’Auria, UU Wellspring Program Coordinator.