Happy Fall, UU Church West. Welcome Back to Church!

Anne Deahl and I have been working on starting up a Membership Committee. It is a slow-moving process. Our highest priority is to restart Orientation Classes for visitors ready to explore membership at UUCW. We are offering a two-part orientation session on Wednesdays at 6:30 pm on November 2nd and 9th. Please sign up if you have been a visitor a few times, are curious about Unitarian Universalism, or want to know what is involved in becoming a member.

You may have seen Publication Coordinator Kelly Bognar’s frequent requests for ushers, greeters, and coffee servers. We appreciate all helpers who decide on Sunday morning to serve in some capacity, but we hope to build a regular list of volunteers.

Tell Us Your Ideas!
Please talk to Anne or me at the Orientation table on the next three Sundays (Oct 9, 16, and 23) after the service in the Community Room. We are ready to listen to your ideas about meeting the needs of the Membership Committee.

Membership Brainstorming
What do you think of only speaking with someone you do not know for the first four minutes of the coffee hour? All of us could be part of making UUCW a radically welcoming community! It starts by taking 4 minutes. 

What do you think of having fewer people on a formal committee but more people ready to do micro tasks? A good example of this is the way people help on Spring and Fall campus clean-up days. Tasks are written out, then individuals select and accomplish one specific task.

The Membership Committee could have two people run one of our three Orientation classes throughout the year. Someone could contact all visitors with an email and follow up by answering questions or providing more information about UU Church West. Someone could be the spokesperson for the “Getting to Know UU” short 20-minute sessions. Someone else could organize the all-church picnic. Another idea is to combine Stewardship and Membership Committees so that fewer members are needed, but the committee could activate the people who are assigned microtasks.

Please, if you see Anne or me, chat with us. Share your ideas. We need member power and idea power.

I enjoy serving UUCW,

Larry Hawley
Board of Trustees and Membership Representative

For more information about Membership, contact Larry Hawley or Anne Deahl.