From the signs in the Community Room and information in the e-news, you know that the task right now is for the Board and the congregation to form a Ministerial Search Team. You have probably seen the nomination form in the e-news and had discussions or emails with Board members about nominating church members for the team.

The nomination period is over now, and we’re happy to say that 73 different UUCW members were nominated for the team and over 60 members submitted nominations. Thank you all for your great participation! This is a great start to form an effective, enthusiastic team.  There were many members who nominated themselves for service, and the entire Board extends special thanks to you for stepping up.  As we proceed through the process, there will be many jobs to do and much help needed, so these names are especially appreciated.

The continuing Board is now sorting through the names and forming a proposed team.  Why “proposed”?  Because the congregation votes to elect the Team at our annual meeting in June. The final confirmation is yours. There are many factors to consider for this important job, so our work is deliberate, but the Board expects to announce the proposed Ministerial Search Team by early May.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact Rob Zimmerman or Jeannie Baker, or any member of the Board. We’d be happy to hear from you.