We’re in the midst of preparing to say farewell to our beloved minister, Rev. Suzelle, while moving forward to warmly embrace Rev. Denise who will serve as our full-time minister from February 2022-July 2022.  So, how do we decide what happens after July 2022?  Our next two steps, Ministerial Transitions Listening Sessions and the Interim Minister Search Committee are described below.  Please look closely to see how you can participate.

Our next step in this transition is to carefully listen to the voice of our UUCW community as to what kind of ministry is most needed now and in the future, what we need to keep and hold dear, and what we might possibly want to transform.  To do this we’re holding a series of Ministerial Transition Listening Sessions where you can share your hopes and dreams while listening intently to others.  Please register for one of the following sessions:

Additional Listening Sessions will be scheduled if needed.  These sessions will help inform the Board of Trustees regarding our ministry needs and hopes for the next 1-2 years.  It’s typical for most congregations to engage the services of an Interim Minister when a long tenured settled minister leaves.  Interim ministry can take many forms these days.  It can be full-time, part-time, even remote or virtual.  Interim Ministers can also serve a congregation while another minister is also present.  Our Listening Sessions will help determine what will work best for UUCW at this time.

Since we’ll be looking for the service of an Interim Minister in some form, we need to form an Interim Minister Search Committee.  This will be a relatively small committee that is representative of the many diverse beliefs, lifestyles, ages, and identities that comprise the fabric of our UUCW community.  The activities of this critical Interim Minister Search Committee include:

  • Receiving the Interim Minister profile, requirements and options from the Board of Trustees.
  • Interfacing with the UUA Transitions Office
  • Preparation of the UUCW Search Packet that describes our community
  • Submits full application for Interim Minister
  • Reviewing and interviewing Interim Minister candidates
  • Presenting a final Interim Minister candidate recommendation to the Board of Trustees

Note:  much of the preparation of the material takes place in late February 2022- early April 2022; and candidate review, interviewing, and decision making occurs between late April 2022-late May to early June 2022. It’s important that all Interim Search Committee members are able to be flexible and make themselves available for quick decision-making (dictated by UUA timelines).

Interested in serving on the Interim Minister Search Committee?  If interested, please send a short email message by January 20th to Laurie Boddie sharing how your experience with UUCW would be helpful on this Committee.  The Board of Trustees will review all messages from those interested in serving on the Committee and select the Committee members during their January 27, 2022 Board Meeting.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to Laurie or a member of the Board of Trustees.

We look forward to engaging in these next steps that will lead us into the future.