In the last several months, I called a lot of members. Not only did I introduce myself, but I also answered questions, heard stories of roses and thorns in their hearts, and invited folks back to UUCW. It was a rich experience. Thank you to those who talked with me. Some folks told me they would not be back until we were in person. That time is now. If you haven’t seen someone in a while, please get in touch and ask them to meet you at church. Starting Sunday you can even grab a cup of coffee and catch up after service this Sunday because we are having coffee hour – WITH COFFEEE!

Now is the time to remind you that YOU are the church. This is your congregation. As ministers change, you remain, and your bonds are ever important. Please connect with one another.

As I made those calls, some were delighted with online worship and meeting options. Some parents said it made all the difference between them being able to participate or not. Some love having breakfast while they take in worship. Some also let me know how much they dislike online services and how those don’t work for them. Right now, you can be in person or online. You have options.

As we all work to build back some new way of being, religion has changed at a fast clip across the world because of pandemic. Some found new routines. Some lost community members. Others engaged more because speaking on Zoom offered greater intimacy for pastoral check ins and committee work. Others left churches and don’t plan on returning. I see this as a time ripe with opportunities. How UUCW comes through the changes is truly up to you.

I want to thank the Nominating Committee for their amazing article on ways you can step into a deeper relationship with congregational life. Folks interested in helping with the membership backlog of people to contact have started assembling ideas and a team. Anne Deahl and I are meeting to formulate a plan for new ways of looking at UUCW membership. Let me know if you would like to play a role.

In kindness,

Reverend Denise