Many amazing things are made possible in our church by our coming together in common purpose to get them done. Our mission is broad, deep, important, and achievable. One critical way we all support each other in this work is happening right now as we each pledge to each other our financial support during the month of March. None of us alone can support all that we do, but together – by pooling our talents and resources – we promote and sustain liberal religious values in our community and in our wider world.

I promise to support you and what you care about and invite you to do the same for me and all our fellow members and staff. I have pledged to the best of my ability and resources. Please do the same if you have not already.

If you have questions, please ask me at church or via email. If I don’t know the answer, I will find someone who does.

Learn more about the pledge drive and how you can participate at

Thank you so much!
Erich Zuern

Vice President
UUCW Board of Trustees