We Love Our Chili-Makers! Here are five more chili-makers who are fine-tuning their recipes for veggie, white, and traditional chili. Read their stories of cooking inspiration. We are looking for another chili-making chef or two. Sign up today!

Contestant #6 Phil Kroner – “Jackson Park Chili, Version 2”
Cooking history: “I was inspired to cook by my father, who first let me help make gravy, fry bacon, and scramble eggs. The chili is my own, but my father’s beef and barley soup and his roast beef gravy are legendary, and with those, I’m still trying to reach his level of perfection.”
Chili story: “I’ve been making chili for decades, borrowing ingredients from recipes here and there, and the recipe is never quite the same from batch to batch.”



Contestant #7 Karen and Sharon Van De Loo -“The Best Sweet Potato Vegan Chili ”
Cooking history: We started with baking cookies as children and we’re a product of Cooking with Julia from PBS! Didn’t really start cooking until after graduation from nursing school and having our own apartments but have always enjoyed the process of cooking. Travel increased our desire to try different cuisines. We’ve been vegetarian since the early 1990s and recently have been trying to go vegan at home and ovo-lacto when out with friends. However, when vacationing will flex to include fish.
Chili story: Pinterest has been a truly wonderful resource when looking for recipes, and this is adapted from a recipe that we tried on Pinterest. Yes, it’s mild on purpose!


Contestant #8 Eddee Daniel – “White Chicken Chili
Cooking history: “I’ve been cooking since college when I lived off campus with a group who took turns cooking for each other. I love to cook because I love eating good, healthy, homemade food!”
Chili story: “Trial and error. I may have started with a recipe at some point in my forgotten past, but mostly I tweak it each time I make it and experiment with ingredients.”



Contestant #9 Ann Heidkamp – “Cincinnati Style Veggie Chili”
Cooking history: Cooking for me is a functional task to get heart-healthy meals on the table every night without using processed foods. We do about 1/2 vegetarian meals, and 1/2 meat/fish meals. Many of our meals are ethnically inspired (Indian, Thai, Chinese, Mexican, Spanish, Italian) since they are often the most healthy, use a lot of veggies, and can be easily modified to use what I have on hand. Once I have a basic recipe down, I use it only as a guide.” 
Chili story: No story – just our version of a Cincinnati-style chili


Contestant #10 Jim Maletta – “No Name Chili
Cooking history: “I started cooking in Boy Scouts and I’ve been at it ever since. I don’t do fancy stuff but I do like to experiment with different seasonings. I also enjoy cooking for family holidays like Thanksgiving.”
Chili story: “No story and no secret recipe. I just throw stuff in a pot and cook it.”

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