When I ventured through the East entrance of our church to attend a Sunday service for the first time, I was looking for a      liberal spiritual community that aligned with my values. I found it at UUCW. I am so happy for making that choice! I found joy in connecting with a congregation that embraces and cares for its members and promotes many causes for the greater good in the broader community outside its walls.

I have been a UUCW member for 11 years. Since joining, I have more than doubled my annual pledges and plan to increase my support in the coming years.

Our church offers many additional opportunities to support its operations and activities for members to benefit from.  Some of you may know me from past or current membership on our Finance and Endowment Committees, Safety and Security Task Force, and our Lay Pastoral Care, Usher, Greeter and CommUUnity Connections Teams. I also enjoy the fellowship of our Men’s Breakfast Group, which meets twice-monthly, and look forward to resuming interesting discussions at future meetings of the Wisdom and Whimsy and Tap Roots groups.

On a more personal basis, I hold a special place in my heart for the weekly meditation group I’ve been part of over the past three years. In addition to the fellowship in that group, I met a new life partner – my fiancée, who is the love of my life – through our mutual interest in meditation. Now that’s a life-changing UUCW membership benefit!

The COVID pandemic has presented many challenges in our day-to-day lives as well as for our church community. Reverends Suzelle and Denise, and other church leaders, have worked hard to maintain connectivity through online services and other initiatives. Our Lay Pastoral Care Team stepped up outreach to congregation members, and the people I have spoken with have appreciated those contacts.

As you have heard before “there is no church without its people, we are the church!” While our church is vibrant, as we emerge from COVID constraints and resume more normal in-person activities, there are many opportunities to further strengthen this community that we love. Get involved!

During this year’s Stewardship Drive, our leadership will be providing more details on our budgetary needs. Please give generously, as your situation allows, to support our operations and the causes we promote to serve the greater good in our wider community.

Mark Steinberg